Welcome to wput's home

Wput is a command-line ftp-client that looks like wget but instead of downloading, uploads files or whole directories to remote ftp-servers.

Wput needs your Help

Starting with v0.6, Wput features some i18n. If you want to see Wput in your language, your help is needed to translate it on Launchpad.

Main Features

New in 0.6 (for details see ChangeLog)

Since we are few working at this program, it takes quite a while for new releases to come out and i would appreciate any help offered to me.
Support for files beyond the magical 2gb border seems to be impossible to achieve. If someone has experiences in implementing operating-system independent file-access for such files, this would help wput a lot.

Download Wput 0.6

Linux-like OS 0.6.1 Source (308kb)
Linux-like OS 0.6 Source (240kb) Debian Binary (60kb) RPM Binary (76kb, pre0.6, untested contribution)
Windowspre0.6 Source Binary (496kb)

RPM: An RPM-Spec-File has been contributed by Chris Cosby.
All previous releases are available on the project page at source forge: wput Filelist on SourceForge

Bleeding edge code from GIT

You can grab a copy of the latest bleeding edge code by using git:
git clone git://


Use the manpage as a command-line reference.

Bugs / Contact

Wput was developed by Hagen Fritsch.
If you feel some behaviour of the software is a bug or if you have a feature-request or just want to drop me a message, feel free to do so.
The best way to submit bugs and features requests is from the projects SourceForge page:
  • Submit or View a Bug
  • Submit or View a Support Request